Press Statement: 11-year-old Yemeni Girl Tortured by Her Family and Sold as a Servant

In the governorate of Raima in Yemen, an 11-year-old girl has endured severe abuse and brutal treatment at the hands of her father and his wife, according to human rights activists. The violence was so extreme that it caused her to lose sight in one of her eyes.

Her father subsequently handed her over to his brother, who in turn also abused her and treated her like a servant. He then sold her for the amount of 200,000 Yemeni rials, to be shared with her father. Afterwards, they married her off to an elderly man, falsifying her age to 19 years. The man’s wife eventually helped the girl to escape after overhearing a plot to get rid of her.

The appalling treatment of the child has sparked outrage and has drawn attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Investigations are underway, and the responsible authorities have been urged to take immediate and decisive action to ensure justice for the victim.

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from BBC Arabic

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