The Team

Trustees team

Abdel Salam

Chair and Ceo

I am a radio and television graduate. I worked as director of the Arab News Agency for 6 months, then as production director for the Yemen TV channel, and as general director of the Nada Foundation in Yemen since 2017. I worked as a journalist for local and Gulf newspapers and as a writer in human rights.

Nada Alahdal


I am a human rights activist, a defender of underage marriage issues, and a human rights writer, I study international law, and I am interested in human rights issues, especially issues related to women and children.

Lobna Maktari,


I am an MA (Oxon), MSc in Intelligent Management Systems—Co-founder and Director of IYG. Formerly a senior systems analyst with Logica and National Westminster Bank, she has spent over 10 years working within the voluntary sector and most recently focusing on Yemen-related issues.



I am still studying gynecology, I work as a volunteer in community service, I have two children who I love to take care of so that they can be heroes in community service, and I am interested in humanitarian issues.

The Team

Our creative team

Rawan Ahmed

Finance Director

I am a graduate of accounting from the University of Jordan, and I held the position of executive director of the Our Dreams Are Thriving programs, and I worked as financial director of the White Hands Organization.

Abdullah Hamood

Volunteer Manager

I am an engineering graduate from the University of Newcastle, and I worked as the Director of Security and Information at Nissan, and the General Manager of Angel Security Company.

Emmy Nesbitt

Program Director

I am studying a law at Newcastle University, I worked in developing educational programs, and developing my creative skills in community service, and interested in physical health.

Samira Soad

Director of Marketing

I have a master’s degree in journalism and media from Sana’a University. I worked as executive director for the Nada Foundation in Yemen for 4 years. I worked as a journalist for independent channels and print journalism for 5 years. I was a program presenter for a local radio. I work as a program preparer for the Yemen Channel.

Armita Shayeganfar

Director of logistics services

I study business administration at Northbria University
I worked in civil society organizations for self -development, and interested in helping society improve its life



Hadeel Noman

Executive Director

I studied business administration, and I worked in human resources for 4 years, and I have 3 years experience in managing educational and cultural programs, and I worked for 6 months for cancer patients.