Terms & Conditions

Safeguarding and managing risk

The Nada foundation is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all individuals, especially children, young people and adults at risk. It will seek to ensure you are protected from all harm when working to end child marriage and violence against girls.  

Nada Foundation recognises that partnerships play a crucial role in ensuring that communities work together to prevent, detect and respond to cases of abuse worldwide. As part of this global commitment to protect children and young people, Nada foundation members must endeavour to maintain the highest standards of safeguarding, taking all necessary measures to uphold the ‘do no harm principle’. Member organisations should also promote the meaningful and ethical participation of children and young people throughout your work, in line with Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Nada Foundation secretariat can guide relevant organisations to ensure you can meet these standards if they still need a safeguarding framework.

To uphold strong safeguarding principles whilst also fostering a positive, participatory environment when engaging with children, young people and adults at risk, Nada Foundation members must commit to the following safeguarding standards: 

  •   Have a safeguarding framework in place, including an organisational safeguarding policy, ensuring all staff members are familiar with this policy, have access to it and understand the staff responsibilities it sets outs. 
  •   Deliver all programmes and projects in the safest possible manner, undertaking safeguarding risk assessments for all activities which may involve or impact children and young people. 
  •   Have a safeguarding reporting procedure mapped out and shared with all staff members and beneficiaries who know how to make and/or receive reports if concerns arise. 
  •   Assign staff members specific roles to ensure that safeguarding policies and procedures are followed, respected and implemented within the organisation. Each member organisation should share your safeguarding lead’s contact details with the Nada Foundationsecretariat if requested. 
  •   Undertake the gathering, production, storage and use of data (including photos) ethically, adhering to relevant data protection laws or standards and obtaining informed consent before collecting any new data. 
  •   Maintain a detailed register of all safeguarding concerns and a record of how the organisation responded, including responses to historical allegations. 
  •   Agree to share information with other members of the Global Partnership on safeguarding initiatives as well as individual cases (with identifying information removed), as appropriate, 
  •   Foster a working environment that encourages diversity and is safe, healthy and respectful for all staff members. 
frameworks and processes are in place to manage and mitigate the risks which have been identified
  • You must have obtained prior permission from the authorities for his activity.
  • To be in a safe place and away from dangers.
  • Not accepting any work that violates the laws in which you lives.
  • That all activities are legal according to the country in which you lives

Thank you for your support

Your words can be a powerful reminder of the collective commitment we share to empowering girls and women and combating child marriage. Each story, each dedication adds a unique element to our cause and motivates us in our mission. Thank you for choosing to be part of our journey.