About the charity

A human rights organization concerned with girls’ rights, raising community awareness and protecting girls from abuses that girls are exposed to by society or their families. Educating the community about human rights, The importance of justice and equality in social coexistence, Stopping social pressures based on customs and traditions that violate human rights, Supporting girls to gain economic independence, and qualifying girls to work online to become independent.

Our vision

A world without child marriage where girls and women enjoy equal status with boys and men and can achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

Stopping domestic violence and allowing women and girls to be active partners in society economically, socially and politically after completing their education


Our mission

We know that we are more effective when we work together and believe that – as a Partnership – we will foster real change in girls’ lives.

Together, we will

  • Collaborate to prevent child marriage and support girls who are – or have ever been – married.
  • Amplify the voices of girls at risk of child marriage and defend girls’ rights to health, education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential.
  • Enhance and strengthen efforts to end child marriage at every level.
  • Raise awareness of the harmful impact of child marriage by encouraging open, inclusive and informed discussion at the community, local, national and international levels.
  • Facilitate learning and coordination between organisations working to end child marriage.
  • Mobilise all necessary policy, financial and other support to end child marriage.

How do we work

We produce works and media activities that contribute to changing the cultures of society and influence the convictions of political decision-makers and parents, to prevent child marriage around the world, respect human rights, advocate to help girls and women obtain a quality education and contribute to enhancing job opportunities and the quality of life for women.
Locally: We are trying to work to raise awareness for communities coming from developing countries to Britain to respect local laws that stipulate that girls and women have the same rights and duties in education and work and to prevent child marriage under any name and in any form, and to prevent girls from being forced to work under duress. What name?
Internationally: We work with our influential social media partners, journalists, writers, thinkers, and influence makers in allocating a space of their time and activities to contribute to raising the voices of women loudly, introducing communities to respect international laws and United Nations conventions on children’s rights, and respecting the decisions of women and girls as members of society as a whole. Rights.

How we are funded

The Nada Foundation secretariat is funded through grants from governments, foundations and multilateral sources. Their generous contributions enable us to support the work of the Partnership and catalyse broader efforts to end child marriage. Visit our How we are funded page for more details.

Charity details

The Nada Foundation is a charitable organization registered in the United Kingdom to prevent child marriage, protect girls from violence, and educate society about the importance of human rights and their impact on society. In the long run, a registered charity in England and Wales (Reg No: 1202802).

Thank you for your support

Your words can be a powerful reminder of the collective commitment we share to empowering girls and women and combating child marriage. Each story, each dedication adds a unique element to our cause and motivates us in our mission. Thank you for choosing to be part of our journey.