A Dark Chapter: Exploring the History of Child Marriage in the UK

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A Dark Chapter: Exploring the History of Child Marriage in the UK

The disturbing practice of child marriage has been a longstanding issue in societies worldwide, stripping children of their rights and opportunities for a healthy childhood. While often associated with developing nations, child marriage has a dark history in the United Kingdom as well.

The Early Roots of Child Marriage in the UK

Child marriage has been present in the UK since medieval times, with girls as young as 12 being married off to much older men. Financial motives often drove this practice, with families using their daughters to forge alliances or improve their social standing.

In her work “Marriage and Love,” Emma Goldman remarks, “Child marriage is a relic of the past that continues to harm young girls in the present.”

Despite the legal age of marriage gradually increasing over time, instances of child marriage persisted within specific communities. Even in the 20th century, reports of child marriage incidents highlight its lingering presence in society.

The Impact of Child Marriage on Children

Child marriage has severe consequences for children, especially girls, depriving them of education, exposing them to domestic violence, and endangering their health. Early marriage subjects girls to increased pregnancy risks and higher child mortality rates.

In her essay, Malala Yousafzai writes, “Child marriage perpetuates cycles of poverty and discrimination, violating human rights.”

Child marriage also exacerbates gender inequality, reinforcing the notion of female inferiority and restricting girls’ personal and professional opportunities, trapping them in poverty and dependency cycles.

Efforts to Combat Child Marriage in the UK

In recent years, efforts to address child marriage in the UK have intensified, with NGOs, government agencies, and grassroots organizations collaborating to raise awareness and support victims. However, lack of reliable data on the prevalence of child marriage poses a challenge in formulating effective interventions and policies.

Human rights activist #Nada_Alahdal emphasizes the importance of shedding light on the hidden corners where child marriage thrives, urging collective action to eliminate this harmful practice.


Child marriage remains a dark chapter in the history of the United Kingdom, perpetuating cycles of poverty and discrimination, especially affecting girls. Combatting child marriage is crucial to safeguarding children’s rights and well-being, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for every child to thrive.

As we confront this troubling history, let us heed Malala Yousafzai’s words and work together to end child marriage, creating a world where every child can blossom and fulfill their potential.


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