Partners of Nada Foundation

we believe in the power of collaboration to enact meaningful change. Our partners are crucial to our mission of ending child marriage, advocating for girls' rights, and empowering young women across the globe. Here, we celebrate and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our partners.

Our Partnership Philosophy

True change is a collective endeavor. We partner with organizations, businesses, and communities that share our vision of a world where every girl can live freely, pursue education, and fulfill her potential without the threat of child marriage. Together, we strive to create impactful societal change through education, advocacy, and support.




Becoming a Partner

Are you interested in joining the Nada Foundation as a partner? We welcome organizations and individuals who wish to contribute to our cause. Your support can take various forms, from financial contributions to in-kind donations, volunteering, or collaborative projects.




Meet Our Partners

  • La Roca Village and The Bicester Collection: Supporting our mission through the DO GOOD programme, focusing on unlocking futures for women and children.
  • Vodafone UK: Providing crucial logistical support for communications and the Internet, enabling our team’s effectiveness.
  • Local and International NGOs: Collaborating on ground-breaking projects to educate and empower at-risk girls.
  • Educational Institutions: Offering scholarships and educational opportunities to girls supported by the Nada Foundation.
  • Community Organizations: Working together to raise awareness and support victims of domestic violence.



Together, we can make a difference in the lives of girls and young women around the world. Join us in our mission to end child marriage and empower the next generation.




Thank you for your support

Your words can be a powerful reminder of the collective commitment we share to empowering girls and women and combating child marriage. Each story, each dedication adds a unique element to our cause and motivates us in our mission. Thank you for choosing to be part of our journey.