The Impact of Child Marriage on Girls’ Rights in Brazil

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The Impact of Child Marriage on Girls’ Rights in Brazil

Child marriage is a deeply ingrained practice in many societies, including Brazil, that not only deprives girls of their childhood but also violates their fundamental human rights. In Brazil, child marriage has a profound impact on girls’ rights, particularly their right to education, health, and autonomy. This article delves into the various ways child marriage affects girls’ rights in Brazil and the steps being taken to combat this issue.

Child Marriage in Brazil

Child marriage, where one or both parties are under 18, persists in Brazil despite the legal age of marriage being 18 for both genders. Particularly prevalent in rural and marginalized communities, child marriage in Brazil ranks among the highest in Latin America, with an estimated 36% of girls marrying before turning 18.

Impact on Education

Among the significant consequences of child marriage on girls’ rights in Brazil is the deprivation of education. Girls forced into marriage at a young age often drop out of school, limiting their academic potential and perpetuating a cycle of poverty and limited opportunities, subjecting them to dependency on their spouses.

“Child marriage not only robs girls of their childhood but also denies them their right to education, limiting their opportunities for a better future.” – Malala Yousafzai

Moreover, lack of education makes these girls vulnerable to domestic violence and economic exploitation, trapping them in abusive marriages with limited means of escape.

Impact on Health

Child marriage also significantly impacts the health and well-being of girls in Brazil. Young brides face heightened risks of pregnancy-related complications due to their underdeveloped bodies, as well as increased incidence of maternal and infant mortality from early and multiple pregnancies.

Additionally, child brides often lack access to reproductive health services and information, leading to higher rates of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

“Child marriage not only violates girls’ rights but also undermines their health and well-being, perpetuating a cycle of poverty and inequality.” – Michelle Bachelet

Impact on Autonomy

Child marriage robs girls of their autonomy and agency, pushing them into roles they are unprepared for mentally and emotionally. Dependent on their husbands and in-laws for basic needs, these girls have limited control over their lives, impacting their self-esteem and stifling their desires and aspirations.

Moreover, child marriage perpetuates gender inequality by reinforcing traditional roles, restricting girls’ participation in society and hindering their potential for education and employment outside the household.

“Child marriage is a violation of girls’ rights, denying them their autonomy and perpetuating cycles of inequality and injustice.”#Nada_Alahdal @nadalahdal

Efforts to Address Child Marriage in Brazil

Despite the prevalence of child marriage in Brazil, the government is implementing laws and policies to prevent and combat this issue, including raising the legal age of marriage to 18 for both genders. Awareness initiatives and support services are also in place for at-risk girls.

Non-governmental organizations and civil society groups are empowering girls and advocating for their rights, offering resources and support to help them escape abusive marriages and build better futures for themselves.


Child marriage severely impacts girls’ rights in Brazil, depriving them of their childhood, education, health, and autonomy. Through collaborative efforts, we can work towards eliminating child marriage and safeguarding girls’ rights in Brazil and globally.

Let us strive to create a world where every girl can realize her potential and lead a life free from violence, discrimination, and oppression. Together, we can empower girls to seize control of their destinies and make a positive impact on society.


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