A Survivor’s Story: Loung Ung’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Cambodia

#WomenWhoInspire A Heroic Journey: Loung Ung’s Triumph over Tragedy in Cambodia In a world filled with darkness and despair, Loung Ung’s inspiring story of resilience and courage shines as a beacon of hope. From surviving the brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia to finding healing and forgiveness, her journey is nothing short of […]

The Story of Zlata Filipović: A Bosnian Survivor’s Journey

#WomenWhoInspire An Inspiring Journey: Zlata Filipović’s Story of Survival **A Childhood Shattered by War** Zlata Filipović was just a young girl when the Bosnian War broke out in the early 1990s. Despite the chaos and violence surrounding her, she found solace in writing her diary, which would eventually become a symbol of hope and resilience […]

The untold story of child marriage in Pakistan

#ChildMarriage #EndChildMarriage The Hidden Reality of Child Marriage in Pakistan Child marriage is a deeply-rooted cultural practice in various parts of the world, with Pakistan being no exception. Despite some recent attention to the issue, the true extent of this harmful practice remains largely undisclosed. This article delves into the unknown narrative of child marriage […]