Rising Tide of Violence Against Women Sparks Call to Action in Qatar

#MeToo Introduction In the last few years, an alarming trend has emerged in the State of Qatar—a significant rise in violence against women, drawing public outcry and prompting calls for action across the nation. This critical issue, once discussed only behind closed doors or within tight-knit groups, has burst into public debates, demanding immediate intervention […]

Rising Tide of Gender-Based Violence in Egypt Sparks Outrage

#MeToo The Escalating Issue of Gender-Based Violence in Egypt Over recent periods, Egypt has seen an alarming increase in the occurrences of gender-based violence, drawing significant concern from various quarters including activists, government bodies, and the general populace. This pervasive issue casts a long shadow over the safety and well-being of numerous women and girls […]

Rising Tide of Violence Against Women in Egypt Sparks Calls for Action

#MeToo The Increasing Wave of Violence Against Women in Egypt Calls for Action The escalation of violence against women in Egypt has become a pressing concern in recent years. This distressing trend has prompted urgent appeals for action from various human rights organizations and activists. The situation is critical, and immediate steps need to be […]