Tackling the scourge of violence against women in England: A call to action

#MeToo The issue of violence against women has been a long-standing problem affecting societies globally for ages. In recent times, England has witnessed a significant surge in such incidents, capturing the attention of the nation and calling for immediate measures. This epidemic of violence not only devastates the lives of the victims but also weakens […]

Invisible epidemic: The hidden reality of violence against women in England

#MeToo Invisible Epidemic: The Hidden Reality of Violence against Women in England Although women’s rights and gender equality have made significant strides in society, violence against women remains a prevalent issue. In England, the statistics are alarming, with one in three women experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault in their lifetime. This hidden epidemic must […]

The Hidden Epidemic: Child Marriage in England

#ChildMarriage #EndChildMarriage The Hidden Epidemic: Child Marriage in England Child marriage has been a longstanding practice across different regions for centuries, posing serious violations of human rights and causing various forms of harm to the children involved. While commonly perceived as a concern in developing countries, child marriage is also a troubling reality within England. […]

Rising levels of violence against women spark concern in England

#MeToo Rising Levels of Violence Against Women Spark Concern in England Recent years have seen a troubling increase in violence against women in England, prompting widespread concern among individuals and organizations. From domestic abuse to sexual assault, women across the country are facing various forms of violence that threaten their safety and well-being. Understanding the […]