बाल विवाह: एक घोर समस्या

#ChildMarriage #EndChildMarriage The Issue of Child Marriage: A Grave Concern As a writer and advocate for human rights, I am compelled to discuss the serious problem of child marriage that continues to affect societies worldwide. It is truly devastating to think that so many young girls are being forced into marriage at a young age, […]

बाल विवाह: एक बड़ी समस्या

#ChildMarriage #EndChildMarriage The Issue of Child Marriage: An Urgent Problem Child marriage has been a long-standing practice in various parts of the world for centuries, involving the marriage of a child, often a young girl, before they reach the age of 18. This practice is a clear violation of human rights and poses significant risks […]

बाल विवाह: एक समाजिक सच्चाई

#ChildMarriage #EndChildMarriage The Harsh Reality of Child Marriage in Society Child marriage, also known as बाल विवाह, remains a deeply rooted social issue that persists in many societies globally. Despite efforts from various organizations and governments to eliminate this harmful practice, it continues to thrive in numerous communities, depriving young girls of their childhoods and […]