Exploring the Phenomenon of Child Marriage in Saudi Arabia

Exploring the Phenomenon of Child Marriage in Saudi Arabia


Child marriage is a global issue affecting millions of young girls around the world. It is defined as the formal or informal union between a child under the age of 18 and an adult. This practice predates modern civilization and is deeply rooted in cultural, religious, and socioeconomic factors. Among the countries where child marriage is prevalent, Saudi Arabia continues to face significant challenges in this regard. This article aims to explore the phenomenon of child marriage in Saudi Arabia, shedding light on its causes, consequences, and potential solutions.

Causes of Child Marriage in Saudi Arabia:

1. Cultural Factors:
Saudi Arabian society places great importance on preserving its cultural and traditional values. Child marriage is deeply ingrained in these values, as it is believed to protect girls from premarital relations, preserve family honor, and ensure obedience to male authority. The concept of male guardianship, where women are dependent on male relatives for major life decisions, also contributes to the prevalence of child marriage.

2. Poverty and Economic Factors:
In many instances, poverty and economic hardships play a central role in forcing families to marry off their daughters at a young age. Financial strain, lack of opportunities, and the desire to reduce the family’s financial burden are driving factors for child marriages. Some families see child marriage as an opportunity for economic advancement or as a means to secure their daughter’s future.

3. Lack of Education:
Limited access to quality education is another major factor contributing to child marriages in Saudi Arabia. When girls are denied the right to an education, they are more likely to be married off at a young age. Lack of education reinforces traditional gender roles, perpetuates patriarchal norms, and limits girls’ potential, making them vulnerable to early marriage.

Consequences of Child Marriage in Saudi Arabia:

1. Health Risks:
Child brides in Saudi Arabia face numerous health risks, including complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Due to their underdeveloped bodies, they are at a higher risk of experiencing complications such as obstructed labor, stillbirth, and maternal mortality. In addition, early marriages limit girls’ access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, further jeopardizing their well-being.

2. Psychological Impact:
Early marriage often brings about psychological distress for child brides. They are abruptly forced into adult responsibilities, such as managing a household, raising children, and dealing with marital challenges, without the emotional maturity or support systems necessary to handle them. This can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and a sense of loss of childhood.

3. Educational Disadvantage:
Child marriages disrupt girls’ educational journeys, as they are often withdrawn from school. This perpetuates the cycle of poverty and denies them the opportunity to access gainful employment in the future. Lack of education limits their potential and hampers societal progress as a whole.

Efforts to Address Child Marriage in Saudi Arabia:

1. Legal Reforms:
Saudi Arabia has taken significant steps towards combating child marriage through legal reforms. The country increased the legal age of marriage to 18 years for both genders in 2019, a major milestone in the fight against early marriages. However, implementation and enforcement of these laws remain a challenge.

2. Awareness and Education:
Raising awareness about the negative impacts of child marriage is crucial to changing societal attitudes. Promoting girls’ education and providing comprehensive sexuality education can empower girls to make informed decisions about their lives. Initiatives aimed at educating communities, religious leaders, and parents about the consequences of child marriage can help challenge harmful traditions.

3. Economic Empowerment:
Creating economic opportunities for families and girls can reduce the reliance on child marriage as a means of financial stability. Implementing poverty alleviation programs, providing vocational training, and promoting access to job opportunities for women are essential in breaking the cycle of child marriage.


1. Is child marriage legal in Saudi Arabia?
No, child marriage is not legal in Saudi Arabia. The legal age of marriage was increased to 18 years for both genders in 2019.

2. Why does child marriage persist despite legal reforms?
Child marriage persists due to deeply rooted cultural beliefs, economic challenges, and limited access to education. These factors contribute to the perpetuation of this practice.

3. How does child marriage affect girls’ education?
Child marriage disrupts girls’ education as they are often withdrawn from school. This limits their potential and perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

4. What are the health risks associated with child marriage?
Child brides face numerous health risks, including complications during pregnancy and childbirth due to their underdeveloped bodies. Limited access to reproductive healthcare further exacerbates the risks.

5. What can be done to address child marriage in Saudi Arabia?
Addressing child marriage requires a multi-faceted approach. Legal reforms, raising awareness, promoting education, and economic empowerment are key strategies to combat this issue.


Child marriage remains a significant concern in Saudi Arabia, despite legal reforms aimed at curbing this practice. The causes are deeply intertwined with cultural, economic, and educational factors. Efforts to address child marriage need to prioritize legal reforms, raise awareness, promote education, and empower girls economically. By working together, Saudi Arabia can create a future where girls are protected from this harmful practice and given the opportunity to thrive.

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