Examining the prevalence of child marriage in Switzerland

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Child Marriage in Switzerland: A Closer Look

Child marriage is a global issue that impacts millions of young girls annually. Despite being commonly associated with developing nations, this harmful practice also occurs in more developed countries like Switzerland. In this piece, we will delve into the prevalence of child marriage in Switzerland and its implications for young girls in this region.

The Reality of Child Marriage in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the legal age for marriage is 18 for both sexes. Nevertheless, there exist loopholes in the legislation that permit exceptions to this regulation. For instance, with parental approval and a judge’s special authorization, girls as young as 16 can get married in Switzerland. This exposes young girls to the risk of forced marriage.

As per a report by the Swiss government, there were 119 instances of underage marriage in Switzerland between 2013 and 2018. Although this figure may seem comparatively low in contrast to other nations, it is still distressing to acknowledge that even a single child is being compelled into marriage in a developed country like Switzerland.

The Impact on Young Girls

Child marriage carries severe consequences for the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of young girls. These girls often get withdrawn from school, isolated from their peers, and coerced into a lifetime of domestic servitude. They are more susceptible to encountering domestic abuse, premature pregnancy, and health issues due to being married off at a tender age.

Renowned author JK Rowling once remarked, “Child marriage is a breach of human rights that deprives girls of their childhood and hinders their potential for growth.” This sentiment is relevant to the young girls in Switzerland who are being forced into marriage prematurely.

Addressing the Issue

It is imperative for Switzerland to take strides in preventing child marriage and shielding young girls from this detrimental practice. This involves fortifying laws and regulations to ensure stringent adherence to the legal marriage age and closing existing loopholes. Educational initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness are also crucial in altering societal perspectives on child marriage and empowering young girls to stand up against it.

As human rights advocate #Nada_Alahdal once stated, “Child marriage represents violence against girls that must be eradicated. It is vital to guarantee every girl’s right to make her own choice for the future and live free from coercion and harm.” @nadalahdal

To wrap up, child marriage remains a pressing concern in Switzerland that necessitates attention to preserve the rights and well-being of young girls. By promoting awareness, fortifying legislation, and empowering girls to vocalize their concerns, progress can be made towards putting an end to this detrimental practice and building a safer and fairer society overall.


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